When applying your shampoo, do a good massage of the scalp that will stimulate your hair. Proceed with drying, starting with the root. Use a hair dryer or towel, the latter solution being preferable because less aggressive to your hair. Finally, brush your fine hair upside down, from the nape of the neck to the forehead, then from the roots to the tips, printing a movement outwards. This will maximize their volume even more. As for the care, adopt daily volumizing foam for fine hair. Light and without rinsing, it applies the head down, with the fingers.

hairstyles for fine hair

Favorite haircuts of fine hair

There are of course cuts more suited to fine hair. In head, short hair, and especially the trendy pixie cut. It is a cut to the boy with a big wick on the front that gives volume and movement. Structured squares are also very fashionable for fine hair. The must is the plunging square, shorter on the neck and volumizer at the back. If you really prefer to have longer hair, adopt a degraded cut on the tips, which will give spring to your fine hair. Or the long square “long bob”, blurred and destructured on the tips to bring volume.

Beautiful hairstyles for fine hair

The bun bun is currently seen on all heads, and it is ideal for your fine hair! Made around a foam pudding, it gives your hair a volume of which you dared not dream! The high or semi-high ponytail, as well as the half-tail also adapt very well to fine hair. They release the face and bring the hair together in a contrasting volume. A little secret: lightly crepe the base of the ponytail or the half-tail, and the top of the skull … always for more volume.

Which cut for fine hair?

If all the natures of hair have a cut that put them more or less in value, it is true that for fine hair it is less obvious. Flat, formless, even undisciplined, fine hair can nevertheless have volume and look neat with a little work. A few tips of cuts, hairstyles, maintenance and a good stroke of scissors later, and you are transformed!

A short cut for fine hair?

It is well known, the cut that is best suited to fine hair is short cut. And that’s true ! It compensates for the lack of volume and, combined with a nice gradient, overcomes the problem of flat roots and lack of density. For a more trendy style, one opts for a plunge square or a structured square or a “pixiecut”, trendy boy cut fashion Victoria Beckham. Volume assured and femininity preserved!

Length and fine hair

If it is true that fine hair prefers short cuts, the length can not be excluded completely. On the cutting side, we opt for a sharp and very sharp gradient, which will give an immediate volume effect. On the hairstyle side, we prefer the high ponytail or the half-tail, which release the face and limit the flat aspect of the hair. In general, fine hair will ban the products that weigh the hair and prefer a volumizing foam applied to wet hair before drying. Latest tips: we dry our hair upside down and avoid washes too frequent!