The round faces are characterized by wide and prominent cheeks and, for this reason; they can give the sensation of greater facial and body fat. Now with a good hairstyle, you can find the way to refine and lengthen the face reflecting a more aesthetic and flattering image. As we give you some tips and we show you a selection of the best short hairstyles for round face, you just have to innovate with your hair, try how you feel with each one and feel beautiful at all times.


The smooth and long mane below the shoulders are very flattering for the round faces, they are better if they are paraded with layers of different dimensions. The idea is to go from where the cheeks end to make the face look thinner and longer.
short hairstyles for round face

The short hair is also trendy and you can wear it even if your face has rounded shape. If you are betting on comfort and prefer to continue with this trend, we recommend you choose the famous ‘ bob cut’ that has become very fashionable among the celebrities. It is a cut up to the height of the chin in stepped layers and that falls in tip sharpening the face. Wear it always smooth to hide the width of the cheeks and pronounce the cheekbones. Discover how hairstyles trends for this spring and summer.

The fringes long, lopsided and paraded are most suitable for round faces. Avoid giving little volume on the sides and combing with a little more volume on the crown, this technique will serve to lengthen the face and refine the facial features.

The hair parted in the side is especially flattering for such faces as visually reduce the contour of the round face. Make a lateral stripe and leave your mane loose to the opposite side, you will get a very elegant and sophisticated look.

The ponytails and chignons low are ideal for round faces when combined with a few strands loose on both sides of the face hair. Discard those straps so tight that they will only accentuate the width of your facial features.

If you want to know also how to comb to be thinner enters the article and find simple solutions to be more beautiful and radiant.